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Le Rouvray

Le Rouvray

'Tree of life', 1830
Tree of life
Antique quilt dating from 1830
New York state

Many of you know us. And many of you have already visited us on the lovely little square so close to Notre Dame cathedral.

Forty-two years have passed since we first opened our shop with that unknown specialty called patchwork. It's now a commonly used word in France and can refer to any sort of mixture from a quilt, to a salad, to a political reunion!

The history of Rouvray is an adventure that takes its source in the state of Michigan in the United States, the homeland of the founder, Diane de Obaldia. "- It seems like a dream. But as we say at Le Rouvray, "patchwork  is a piece of a dream made by hand" (or by machine if you prefer)!

We have sadly had to close our shop, but know that those who have visited us make the memory live on. Our motto remains: Even if you don't speak French, we speak Patchwork fluently!

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